Through the Leash Community Outreach isn’t about dog training… it’s a movement!


Millions of dogs are surrendered, displaced, abandoned, and murdered due to what is, in most cases, a lack of communication and understanding on the owners’ part.

The goal of Through the Leash community outreach is to establish a nationwide network of shelters, fosters, rescues and rescuers who truly understand dogs, dog owners, and the needs of both. Through the effort of our team, and the education and training of dog owners we can save the lives of so many!

The volunteers and staff in our local shelters and rescues work so hard to make sure dogs experience a decent quality of life during their stay. To aid, we have designed several enrichment, socialization, and training programs, being sure to keep in mind, the common challenges most shelters and rescues work through every day.

If you are a member of a rescue organization in need of some help or someone interested in being a Through the Leash foster contact us today!